"Our family, capturing your families memories"

Schwandt Studio is not your average photography studio.

Randy and Melissa Schwandt started their business out of their passion for sports and capturing their children’s accomplishments. Randy, a 1995 Hilliard High School graduate picked up a camera when his son, Paxton, was born in 2003. As the years went by, his love for photography grew. Paxton became a big brother to Parker and as the boys grew and became more involved, there were more opportunities to practice his photography skills. With his background in IT, Randy started sharing photos online with friends and family. He loved photographing football and decided to share the full game photo gallery with parents on the team. Once that first link was sent out, Randy Schwandt Photography was born. There was an overwhelming out pour of appreciation and love for his pictures.

As the boys became more involved in sports and Randy started coaching, he then handed the camera to his wife, Melissa and that is how Schwandt Studio was formed.

Melissa is a 1999 graduate of Hilliard Darby High School, where she took photography for 2 years. Photography has become her passion. She is also a licensed Realtor and the varsity assistant girls basketball coach at Hilliard Darby High School. Melissa runs the business side of Schwandt Studio and is the primary photographer, while Randy adds the technical background and joins Melissa on shoots when he can.

Together, Randy and Melissa provide a unique experience for your photos. With a wide range of specialties, they each individually enjoy different areas of photography, but together they are able to embrace all avenues of the photography world. They turned their passion and hobby into a business in 2011 and have enjoyed all the memories they have captured over the years. Even more than that, they have enjoyed all the new friends they have made and very much enjoy watching families grow, right in front of their lenses.